Yuen Young Plastics Co.,投影片2 Ltd.was founded in July of 2004 out of gratitude and appreciation for the hard working of entrepreneurs past. We insist that adhere to the most lower price to provide the best quality,and we will development of your own products.Our newest innovation is our extreme anti-slide cutting board. Featuring not only beautiful colors and pretty designs,it is a functional, elegant and evolutionary product.All products are made from Eco friendly materials.


「UESTA 藝飾家」

品牌的發想,單純的只是想遠離單調,創意生活期許能讓“美學“融入日常生活的商品當中,而不單單只是一項觸不可”藝術品”。兼具美學與實用的生活用品,就在我們生活的周遭,透過一點一滴的體驗,喚醒對生活的美好感受。為了創造更優質、更時尚、更美觀的生活意境為出發,延續人類求新、求好、求變的渴望, 讓美好的氛圍透過小小的改變,使心情更加的愉悅,此一理想乃為實踐「得藝生活、愜意人生」的境界,期許我們的努力能為您增添生活色彩。